Calling on my strength

A combination of strengths

And a pile of weaknesses

Call on me to address my fears.

How can I stay detached?


Weaknesses gathered over years

Stand on top of me like a mountain.

I need to carve my road through it

Using the tools of strengths that be.


Engineer my way right through weakness.

Fear calls on me. Ridicule also.

Lots of conditioning calls on me.

No, I am not awake yet.


Still a lot of waking up needed.

I need to pour some awakening water

Splash it on my face to wake up

And understand my real strength.


Caving in and making way for weakness.

I am being played upon by my conditions.

I need to break this conditioning.

I am standing face to face with it.


Conditioning, Conditioning? What are you?

Fears and lots of baggage emotional:

I am carrying a load of bags on my back.

I am not breaking. I am building strength.


I know strength calls on me now.

Break the bags. Drop the emotions.

Face the world as it needs to be faced.

Just calling on my strengths today.


I am rather a slave to my conditions.

Situations in my youth I found myself in.

The world I am in is different. The Self

Emerges. I am calling on strength today.


Enough with the weakness battle already.

Gather my strengths now. Wait for battle.

Will there be a battle between black and white?

I am calling on my strength now.