This human experience

I know the human experience.

I can feel what it means humanity.

Something calls on me.

Something acts on me. Human Experience.


I feel human somehow.

Is this really what it is all about?

We all have some faculties with us.

Physical, mental and spiritual.


I feel the human experience about me.

Do I play some faculties against one another?

Physical against spiritual maybe?

Or is it a clean game of all faculties?


This is the human experience I know.

There is also a fear of closing down.

Of change. Of challenge. I fear too.

What really is that fear? I know not.


There really is a fear of something.

Something calling my humanity incomplete.

Is my human experience complete?

Is there something more to be really human?


What really calls upon my human experience?

What justifies my being human? I fear.

I fear I may finish before I get the experience.

What if I don’t completely see truth?


What am I asking for in human experience?

What really am I calling for this lifetime?

This modern world has too many distractions.

Should I engage or disengage from life?


This human experience: What calls?

What needs come from this humanity?

Maybe I am already seeing it completely.

Maybe I am complete. Maybe I am not.