Breaking the Pleasure Spell

Chase this high and pursue pleasure

Only to get sucked deep into pain.

Pleasure and Pain: two sides of one coin

It is joy that I start to understand now.


Pleasure has such a high attraction;

Pulling me strong into its core.

Only to suffer in pain shortly afterwards.

I am after joy that gives me peace.


Pleasure was only construct for me.

For many years, I chased pleasure;

Only to witness the dark abyss of pain.

Only joy gives me peace that I was after.


I know pleasure is a sure trap for me.

I do walk around not to fall under pleasure.

To experience deep pain shortly next.

But, do I not joy that provides me peace?


I wish not to fall for pleasure. I teach myself;

The lessons needs to be stronger I know.

More than strength; I need subtlety;

Just like the subtle feel of heavenly joy.


Pleasure comes in various forms

External objects can come in various sizes.

Only to cry when they leave our hands.

Joy is crystallised inside; in our hearts.


Pleasure and Pain comes to us in cycles.

One shot after the next. Never ending.

Why go after a cycle that drains me.

Joy is a constant movement. Never stopping.


I have had enough of pleasure and pain.

I wish to break free from the dirty spell.

Let the lust for pleasure be broken within.

Let me sleep in the comfort of joy in my heart.