Calling the Healer within

Damage done from the world.

Heal myself from all damage.

Come to the central place

And enjoy this planet as it is.


A lot of harm inflicts person

Though the Self is not harmed they say.

How best to heal ourselves

And revert to the original form we are?


Maybe it is courage that is needed.

Maybe sheer ruthlessness for a while.

But, I know I must heal. There is damage.

Cannot really see where or what damage is.


There is damage to the person.

Bad memories. Bad psyche.

Too much conditioning. Healing needed.

Probably too many friends at youth.


I know there is healing coming.

Maybe attract the right healing home.

Maybe carry on with lots of faith.

Could even religion heal me?


We are out there to heal the world

When our insides is what required healing.

If the healing happens, will Mukti be?

Will we be free once we are healed?


I know I need to complete healing

Right here in this lifetime itself.

Set the plates clean again.

So that no re-entry needed again.


How may I approach this healing now?

Silence and Poetry I feel somehow.

There sure is healing needed.

From time. From person. From God!