Plea for material freedom

What would be material freedom?

Never take anything. Don’t need anything.

Be always giving, if you may please.

Don’t even expect gratitude or praise.


I see merit in not taking anything.

If something comes, accept them.

Never ask in person. That will enslave you.

All our golden handcuffs are asked upon.


I keep asking for recognition.

I ask for praise; for appreciation.

For money; for accolades.

Binds you. They bind you in a cage.


Look for the space of emptiness.

Doing your dharma of giving as much.

Maybe in a coming life, freedom….

We have asked for so much already!


I know I need freedom. Breathing easy.

We know how valuable freedom really is.

Scared to work. Scared to think.

Freedom is so scarce to us today.


Maybe this is a desperate plea.

Even if matter is not sought,

We seek emotional perks.

No perks at all will set us free.


How may I not look for any perks?

What about the sense of safety then?

Fears hound us in questions of freedom.

I like to be free even from fear!