That which destroys not!

Creation. Destruction. And the balance.

It takes long to create value.

Material or Spiritual. Long time.

Yet, it can be destroyed in a moment.


Great natural disasters destroy

Property and lives of men in an instant.

Fall from grace destroy spiritual gains…

In fact, can spiritual gains ever destroy?


Is destruction a material construct?

The more one looks into the spirit,

We see nothing more than energy.

Which neither creates nor destroy!


Build a house. Build a code.

Build an art. All can destroy.

The matter destroys in thousands ways.

If nothing, time destroys all that stays.


Some say the spirit records stay

Forever as the Akashic Records.

Why play with my spiritual records

When something could transform energy?


Huge egos have destroyed. Power destroyed

Nations that rules have fallen.

Humans with gains have lost many.

Material powers always destroy. That is Law!


What is there that does not destroy?

Vedanta talks of Atman that destroys not.

Religion talks about spirits that stays eternally.

Spirit is here forever. No beginning. No end.


I surrender to the one that destroys not.

All that I perceive has an end. Even these thoughts.

Something I feel is here to stay till the end.

I bow only to that energy that destroys not.