Broken world

Broken Systems. Broken Practices.

Welcome to our world. Broken world…

Grace and pure will power sustains

This broken world of broken promises.


We have forgotten where we come from.

We forget what oath we took in beginning.

The race for wealth and power is all we care.

Only to fall flat on our faces of pride.


Broken homes. Broken institutions.

That is what we inherit from the world.

Blame us not. We are born broken.

In a place that knows not what is right.


Broken systems. Broken places.

Broken politics. Broken psyche.

Broken corporate. Broken social.

Everything quite broken beyond repair.


Talk of repair and it hurts.

We prefer hanging to broken parts

Dangerously beyond doubts.

But, broken things give way when shaken.


How long can we hang on to the broken?

We don’t even know what intact is.

We have no ideas about the truth.

Maybe our forefathers knew something.


Bow to the Rishis. Learn from the Masters.

Still, they watch the broken ideas too.

Waiting for the grace to run before it hits

Like a hand of fate that destroys run out grace.