The disappearing rebuke

I used to fear ridicule. Very deeply.

Ridicule is after all for my person.

Once I move beyond the body,

Ridicule cannot touch me at all.


All rebuke and ridicule

Exists for the person alone.

I am not person at all.

The Supreme Self is no person.


What if I never fear ridicule?

What if I smile at the rebuker?

Will that make me anything less?

In fact I rise above everything base.


Rise and Rise all above ridicule.

Let the tongues speak what they want.

Let print speak what it may please.

No ridicule ever touched the mahatma.


Ridicule is only a crude joke

No one remembers a crude joke.

Especially when you are no person

And have no interest in the body.


Such relief to not care about ridicule.

Let people say what they have to.

Rise above the body mind.

Ridicules and Rebukes disappear so!