Engineer alive in me

How may I arrange life?

A design of life that manifests…

Arranging elements through

In order to structure this life


Engineering is arrangement

Arrangement of elements.

Material and code aligns itself

To meet goals set by engineers.


How do I engineer life then?

Or rather some material construct?

How really do I engineer things?

This is quite something to think of.


Engineers come in various forms.

Thinking and solving different problems.

What problem do I have in hand?

So that I may create a solution of sorts?


Arranging elements to form life.

I am starting to think of things this way.

I really know that I am advancing

In this engineering form of life that is.


Design and Production. Engineering.

How really do these mean to me?

What am I taking from engineering concepts?

That I may advance in life.


Been engineering for more than a decade.

What did I learn? What did I earn?

Maybe this is time for insights check.

Is the engineer alive in me?