Turning a new leaf

I might be wrong in thinking

I might have been misled

What if whole life has been mistake

That wish to be corrected somehow.


I see that life maybe wrong for me

I might have viewed things wrongly.

Can a few decades of mistakes

Be forgotten and started over fresh?


It is time for a fresh perspective now.

Values and concepts to be relooked at.

There has always been a kindle within

That needs to be fanned into a flame now.


There could always have been life

Within me that told me the direction.

Never did I see the value in direction,

That kept telling me I am going wrong.


I believed wrong ideas. I bought

Grand things without knowing its worth.

Now I see I need to start over fresh.

With remnants of what has been.


This is coming true in many ways.

Life beginning as a fresher again.

Time to relook at life and everything again.

Let us turn a new page in this book of life!