Balance of Discrimination

Can’t speculate life through.

Live life to really know it fully.

What good is assumptions?

When you could really test life…


I could assume something may happen

Life in fear of that actually happening.

Without ever knowing nothing ever changes.

So, do it. Dive in. See what happens.


Doing it is overrated today. Too overrated.

Advertisements nudge us, “Just do it”

Foolish souls have fallen deep under

By doing things without discrimination.


What is balance: Doing it or Not doing it?

Ask the wise ones before us.

What did they speak? What did they do?

What clues were left behind?


Our dharmas have left us shastras.

What could be dharma and what is not.

Epics talked of souls who did both.

And who we remember these days….


At times, life takes a bit of courage.

Of diving in and doing what is asked.

Take a little courage to experiment

Rishis were great scientists of experiments.


If my ancestors were Rishis, what stops me?

I know I need to test things too. I will also!

What might be balance between testing

And listening to the Shastras? Discrimination!


It is discrimination alone that settles it.

What does my discrimination say?

How well do I know right and wrong?

That alone decides doing it and not doing so.

Guided through life

I feel that presence in me.

I am in that presence as well.

There is a trust that goes to this presence

That knows all. That controls all.


Great things I am doing now.

Confidence that missions will be done.

I only need to participate and be willing.

Rest is taken care of perfectly.


I worry not. I know there is nothing to worry.

What do I know? What do I have? Nothing!

I trust in this glorious force and I trust

This trust is all I need to complete this life.


Why carry mountains on my back.

When entire planets rest in that presence?

Is this the God feeling that I trust now?

Maybe it is. But, I know it takes care of all.


I trust this presence. Simplicity enters life.

All I need is this simplicity. I got it.

Trust the force and life itself is simple.

Entire missions fall right in its place.


I know I got this. There is nothing to worry.

Why worry when everything has already done.

I know this force that guides us all.

I only be guided. Guided through life itself.

In exchange for freedom….

Freedom: How may I reach you?

Slave of time, slave of circumstance.

I am really a slave all the time.

Although I wish only to be slave to nature.


A slave: That is what I am today.

No freedom to think; to be; to act.

How may I fight for my freedom?

Why do I need this freedom anyways also?


What am I here on this planet for?

Is this some prison system that we have?

Do we not wish for some freedom to be?

What are the demands for freedom?


I wish to be free today. I am free.

I need something to work upon.

A few things look really tough.

Business slavery is the maya…


I really want my freedom now.

Will I be slacker with freedom?

Or will I work through freedom

To bring about pearls of wisdom?


I know I love pearls; pearls of wisdom.

Of insights. Give me freedom.

I will dive deep into the psyche

To bring about some pearls of wisdom.


Maybe I already am bringing those pearls.

Can’t we see some pearls that we have?

Or do we need further more pearls?

Maybe I can work to bring some reality…


I need my freedom. I can’t bargain.

Don’t know what I really bring here.

Maybe I bring some wisdom.

Maybe I bring some attitudes. Who am I?


What do I have in exchange for freedom?

What can I give to earn my freedom?

I am dying to claim my real freedom. To be!

Please provide me with a clue! God!

Ask me about greatness

Ask me what do I bring forward?

What can I contribute with?

My life has been one with failures

And a few successes to back it up with.


Ask me where I derive my happiness from?

How did I dive deep into my darkest self

All alone with no one to understand crying.

Now I can smile with my heart open.


Ask me where do I stand with my chin up.

How really do the insults stand up now?

Something snapped and then repaired itself

Maybe grace fell upon from nature.


Ask me how do soldiers become soldiers.

First they are broken down and spat upon.

Then they rise to face the bullet like men.

True warriors are not made soft. They hard!


Ask me how poets can sing of love often?

They have broken their hearts several times.

They have been shamed for their affection

And one day the wounds heal. They are scars now.


Ask me how the king became the emperor.

He did not have flowers handed over to him daily.

Hatred, competition and death threats

Worked the prince to step into the King’s throne.


Ask me how the sanyasi became the Guru.

Experiences of this world and the next

Tormented his psyche and faith to the very core.

Once they cleared, he stood up and smiled.


Ask me how greatness becomes greater?

Ask me how Jesus became Jesus

Ask me how Arjun became Arjun.

There were always the challenges to withstand.


Ask me how to smile and be happy.

Even when tragedies come one after the other.

Get hit. Strengthen faith. Ask for help.

Nature never leaves a true cry unanswered.

Strength of light in seeming darkness

Often life demands actions

On all of us; it hurts us when it hits

Demands are just factors in life

That acts to strengthen ourselves.


How strong can we get in life?

What is the hardest we can get hit?

The more pain we can endure

Better we become equipped for life.


How much can you take?

“What cannot kill you makes you stronger”

So says wise men of the past.

If you are alive, you are stronger.


How strong can you get in life?

What is the strongest you become?

Take it little by little.

Focus on the light. God enters you!


Do you have space for light?

When darkness takes you completely?

There is always light at end of tunnel.

Keep walking. Life waits for you!


Do you believe in life?

Do you believe in light?

Do you feel light can enter your life?

Then fear not. There is light coming.


Days may seem darker at times.

The more you endure, light becomes true.

You start to witness hope and laughter.

Darkness is no powerful. Darkness is finite.


Light is infinite bliss. Darkness finite.

Negativity is not stronger than good.

Darkness seems heavy. But, light is stronger.

A small spark can kill heavy darkness.


Learn to breathe. Learn to smile.

A day you will fly to the heavens.

Meditate on your ensuing strength.

Life is beautiful. Keep your strength!

Questions on rigid demands

How rigid am I today?

How rigid should I be today?

What could be the balance

Between rigidity and freedom in life?


There are energies that I demand.

There are certain spaces that I ask for.

Rest of the things are flexible.

Is there a need to tip this balance?


Am I really in balance first of all?

Or is there some leak in my energy

As I allow forces to play with me…

How rigid should I start to be now?


Maybe I give too much power away.

Maybe vasanas and people can play

A little bit with my energies. Rigidity

May not be my best feature after all.


Where do I say enough?

What is the space that I call boundary?

How much power am I giving away?

After all some rigidity is always power.


What could be my space for flexibility?

Even animals have their rigidity.

Trees are rigid, even though they give free.

Then, why can’t I be rigid with demands?


Maybe I don’t know my demands yet.

Should I be placing demands on life yet?

What dimensions do I demand lie in?

Is this time to assert rigidity?


Maybe I may not know what I need.

I have faint dreams about some life.

Probably this might be time

To draw that life with rigid demands.


Probably it is just the boundaries to draw

On where I must be rigid.

Space could really be let free

To let what energies to play there.

Loving my comfort zone in truth

I see a particular comfort

Now in my life. Sane and Easy.

Call it the “Comfort Zone”

I am not ready to move away.


This comfort came through fight.

I fought the demons within me.

Of ambitions, money and power.

A detachment brings comfort.


The journey is now inwards.

The journey towards the Self.

Let the outside world help it.

Don’t have time for silliness anymore.


There is a comfort in my life now.

Seems like an establishing comfort.

Let this dawn on me so.

Enjoy this comfort. It is well earned.


I tried to move from this comfort.

Destiny keeps me fixed here.

There is truth in this comfort.

There is comfort in this truth.


Why challenge comforts of truth?

We are not making dents in universe.

Let the universe be as it is.

Who am I to make Dents anyways?


Let me be. Let me live. Let me breathe.

That is all I wish to do this life.

Live a life. Live it well. Live with awareness.

I love this comfort zone I am in now!

Manifesting Growth

Learning the ways of growth

Things arise naturally in my life

Growth is inevitable. Manifestation:

The definite truth that arrives today!


I see manifesting growth today.

The Shastras make sense daily.

Live and think in a particular manner

Ideas start to gain clarity indefinitely.


Clarity is growth for me now.

Somehow the truth has withstood time.

Sanathana Dharma and other Dharmas

Do make total sense in many ways.


I am seeing growth in front today.

I can see through the ways of world.

Some buck stops here. Some there.

Some bucks never stop. They flow.


I see growth today. I can see it.

Demands and love improve. Talents

Expose their routes in front.

This is growth. I enjoy this. Let it be.


Let the growth be. Let that come.

I see the ways in which manifestation comes.

The heart grows. The brain cools.

Maybe this is what we all strive for.

Divinity in my Mother

Mother lets me know the world

Of the matter and Of the spirit.

She is the One who lets me see

God in its reality through her.


Mother – never comprehended her.

People say she is the full moon

Splendid as the energy that comes

In the Guru Poornima night.


Mother – what do I understand of her?

A provider of love and strength.

A channel to know the divine itself.

I trust in Mother more than anyone.


A rock of faith. A river of love.

A tree of knowledge with fruits ever present

I drink from this river. I eat fruits

Ever to become decluttered in my psyche.


I reached Mother distressed.

Done with the world. Tired like a log.

She showed me some gems.

Of faith. Of knowledge. Of truth.


Now I stand tall. I can stand.

I am not that weak anymore. I can endure.

Mother – the divinity on this planet.

A true Guru always on my side.


Mother – what do I know of her?

Some years have gone by.

I tried to escape only to be burned

By the ways of the urban world.


All I know is Mother knows best.

Mother is the word I live by.

Something always come with Mother.

I know the grace of my Mother.


I must learn more. More about Mother.

Watch Mother closely. Something

Turns inside me when I watch.

Mother. I surrender to thee!

Flowing in Service

Thinking of my service to world.

The world that belongs

To all that is; yet to None.

How does service project?


I know service is religion.

If there is religion, it is service.

Service of the Self. Service to Nature.

Service to humanity. Service…


What do I have to serve?

Is it a skill based concept?

Or something to do with attitude?

Do I have something to serve?


What really do we bring to serve with?

When God needs no service to begin with.

What is my nature of service then?

When God can make everything possible…


Maybe we act as a tool to Nature.

Work in a Karma Yogic attitude

Of giving and asking nothing in return.

Give yourself and burn this body off.


Service. A wonderful concept.

Something away from profit and loss.

Concepts that I learned in early school.

Work with nothing in return at all.


I wonder what is the way of service?

They say give as much as you may give.

Some say work is worship.

A Karma Yoga way of looking at life.


I wonder what could be my service?

What do nature want from me?

What have I developed to give?

I just offer myself. All that I am.


Who am I anyways? What do I give?

I think I may have a mind and body to offer.

Some intellect as well. But, all is Nature.

All is God. What do I serve.


I bring in the attitude of service.

Ready to provide a little service anyways.

I give. I give like a river.

Asking nothing back. Just flowing in service.